Hampshire based, we are a family run business, passionate about wool and knitting! We like to ensure that our products are British sourced, sustainable, and good quality, as we feel passionately about using yarns that are a joy to knit with and creating knitwear that you will love forever. 

I have always loved knitting, having dabbled in many fibre crafts over the years.  I have enjoyed many projects, knitting for every baby that came along, but life became very busy with full time work and three children. As my children have gotten older, and I have had to slow down for health reasons, my passion was reignited. 

Online, I found the world of youtube bloggers, Ravelry, Instagram and hand dyed yarns. A worldwide community of knitters. The available resources filled me with excitement, as I saw a new age of knitting had began. Knitting on the round, natural fibres, indie dyers and designers inspired my many projects.

We decided to turn this passion into a family business, selling the yarns we love, and sharing our excitement. We set up a local Knit Night to help others learn to knit, and provide help and guidance in all thing woolly. Starting up this amazing hobby and new projects can be daunting, so we offer 1-1 support to ensure everyone achieves their goals. Additionally, we have a good catch up and few biscuits! 

Knitting, alongside many other crafts, has many benefits to your health and wellbeing. Whether you are looking to relieve stress, elevate depression or anxiety, improve your concentration, manage pain, or have a digital detox. Together we are hoping to inspire others to explore fibre arts, creating handcrafted projects with beautiful yarns, and enjoy the slow fashion movement.                                                                                                                                                                  



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